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Jackie Field - Artist Printmaker Jackie comes from a strong artistic background she is a very serious and highly self motivated working artist. Her very large woodblock prints demonstrate her exceptional commitment to creative visual art. She is a member of several London Art Groups including the National Society, United Artists and the Printmakers Council. Jackie’s artistic influences are varied and constantly evolve. “Artists whom I admire are painters Turner, Monet, Carravagio, Palmer, Lorrain and Stubbs as well as many of the Great Masters. Printmakers include the prints of Emma Stibborn, Shiko Munakata and Frank Stella are inspirational”. My recent work has been investigating the relationship of inside and outside space, encompassing the experience of a place that is both physically and visually engaging, through structures found within plants, landscape and architecture. “It is important to me that there is a romantic sensibility emerging through the layered landscapes, and that one structure interlocks into another”. This work could be categorised as topographical, utilizing a wide range of architectural styles. From extensive drawings on a recent trip to Paris later developed in the studio into a woodcut print “The Louvre with Louis XIV on his horse showing a contrast of modern and historical perspectives. “My most recent woodcut The Royal Pavilion, Brighton with its eclectic mix of architecture, set within beautiful regency gardens. The sense of timelessness in the centre of a vibrant busy urban city exploring the inner and outer boundaries of nature and culture”. My ideas are developed through drawing, photography and printmaking taking the viewer on a journey phychologically moving them through space realised in the medium of woodcut. I want the images to begin to take on a monumentality. Printmaking becomes a continuation from the process of drawing. Looking and describing using the images to explore the dynamics of translating from one medium into woodcut and other printmaking techniques. The initial aim is for the prints to have a sense of scale, drama and depict a heightened reality. Watch this space for my new exciting work! Jackie Field

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